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Ventana Sale

We’re offering a big 40% savings on select pieces of our Ventana fine outdoor furniture that features a contemporary design and expert craftsmanship. This is top-of-the-line, quality furniture that’s absolutely beautiful and long-lasting, for years of worry-free leisure!

Fine Teak Furniture for Sale

Our premium teak outdoor furniture is also included in the Holiday Sale. In addition to being beautiful, teak furniture is naturally durable and strong, making it very long-lasting. The teak wood used to make this furniture has a dense, hard grain and a natural resin that serves as Mother Nature’s weatherproofing, protecting against insects, water, and rot, for years of care-free use.

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5 Reasons to Buy Teak Patio Furniture

Whether you’re looking for a stylish sectional or sturdy patio table, the material you choose can have a significant impact on the life and look of outdoor décor. When you want the best of both beauty and brawn, you’ll be hard-pressed­ to find better than premium teakwood. Here are five reasons to buy teak outdoor furniture.

1. Low-Maintenance

Even unfinished teakwood is extremely easy to clean and maintain. By adding a stain, oil, or varnish, your investment becomes extra impervious to water, poor weather, and dirt buildup. If you dread the thought of wiping down patio furniture after each passing storm, you will love no-fuss teak.

2. Built to Last

Few materials rival the durability of teakwood. Its tight-grained strength and natural oils help prevent drying and brittleness, allowing it to last for years while still supporting heavy use. Additionally, because they are sturdier than plastic or aluminum, teak patio sets are not prone to damage from blowing away or falling over.

3. Resistant to Mold and Pests

Thanks to the same natural oils that make it durable, teak is highly resistant to rot from fungus and pests such as termites. This drastically increases the life of patio furniture while giving guests peace of mind.

4. Sustainable

Terra Patio’s premium teakwood is sourced directly from well-managed and certified forests. With 100 percent transparency, our products help to reforest slow-growing teak crops. This makes the material one of the most planet-friendly and sustainable options in patio furniture.

5. Effortless Style

Last, but certainly not least, one of the best perks of this strong and practical material is its raw beauty. Teak complements most any outdoor space with its natural wood grain and neutral hue, even as it weathers over time. In addition, it can be stained any color to coordinate easily with palettes of all kinds.

For these reasons and more, don’t hesitate to make teak part of your outdoor suite. Come visit one of Terra Patio’s Bay Area outdoor furniture stores or shop online now!

Restoration Adds New Life to Classic Patio Furniture

Several restoration techniques can be used to update, improve, and refurbish favorite pieces of patio furniture. Whether you want to bring a vintage piece into the modern era or restore small areas of damage on modern pieces, these techniques will help you do the job correctly.

Assess the Material and Damage

The restoration process begins by identifying the materials used in a piece of furniture. Modern premium patio furniture is often made with teak, wicker, stainless steel, and aluminum. Vintage pieces feature many of the same materials as well as other varieties of wood and sometimes decorative iron elements.

Next, take an inventory of what damage needs to be corrected. Are metal pieces unbent and structurally sound? Does the wood have surface problems only or is there evidence of insect damage? Are nuts and bolts rusting? With a full inventory of damage you can select the right tools for the job.

Building Your Restoration Toolkit

Outdoor dining tables and chairs are likely to have accumulated some dust and grime over the years, so great cleaning supplies should also be added to your shopping list. Get firm brushes for scrubbing metal and softer brushes for scrubbing wood; paint stripping brushes work great. Select furniture cleaners formulated for the materials you will be working on. Look also for items such as:

  • Metal brushes to remove rust spots
  • Water sealant and paint brushes
  • Rust-resistant metal coating
  • Rust removal products
  • Metal polish
  • Wood stain in your preferred color
  • Protective gloves and goggles
  • Replacements for any damaged screws, nuts, bolts, and washers

Removing Paint and Rust

Use a paint stripping brush to clear away any paint or rust that will readily flake away. Paint and rust removal products can be used to treat any remaining areas. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and finish the removal with the stripping brush. Rinse as necessary and use old towels to dry the piece.

Once dry, replace any lost or damaged hardware. New sealants, finishes, and rust-resistant products can next be applied according to product directions. You now have a restored piece of furniture that is ready to use.

How to Clean Your Teak Patio Furniture

High quality teak patio furniture is designed to last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. With just a little investment of time and energy you can be sure that your beautiful furniture is going to perform admirably season after season. Cleaning is the basic maintenance task associated with teak outdoor furniture although there are also steps you can take to protect the original finish from wear and tear. Terra Outdoor Living connects you with patio furniture made from teak, wicker, steel, and other premium materials so you can enjoy hassle-free outdoor entertaining whenever the mood strikes.

Cleaning Surface Dirt

Begin by clearing away any objects placed on teak furniture, including cushions. These can be cleaned separately if they need attention. To scrub teak furniture clean, follow these steps:

  • Use a product designed to effectively clean teak outdoor furniture; follow the manufacturer’s instructions to prepare the product for use.
  • You can also prepare your own cleaning solution by combining laundry detergent (with bleach) and water in a 2:1 ratio in a bucket.
  • Use a soft bristle brush to apply cleaning solution to the furniture’s surface. Gently scrub the surface to loosen stuck-on dirt or grime. Be sure to clean on the underside of tabletops and chair arms.
  • Rinse furniture items thoroughly with clean water. Dry with a clean cloth or allow to air dry naturally.

This is all there is to cleaning your outdoor teak furniture.

Improving Furniture’s Appearance

After a season of frequent entertaining and furniture use, you might discover that your teak items are not looking as pristine as they used to. You can add a little refinishing product to correct some of these problems. Once your furniture is completely dry, use teak sealer to coat the furniture according to product instructions. This will help protect the furniture’s beautiful glowing finish.

Learn More About Teak

We love to help people discover all there is to know about outdoor furniture. Contact Terra Outdoor Living today by calling 888.449.8325 to speak with our sales and customer service team.

5 Questions to Ask Before Buying Your Outdoor Patio Furniture

Outdoor furniture is a great way to make relaxing in your yard easy whenever the weather is good. That’s why it is so popular and why patio furniture stores stock so many choices. Buying your new patio furniture is about more than just picking a great look though. You need to consider other ideas, like the space available and how the local weather will impact the materials used in the construction of your furniture.

Important Questions to Ask

Before you head out to the store to pick your patio furniture, here are the questions you should already have answered for yourself. If you are shopping with your spouse or picking out furniture for the whole family, it’s a good idea to work these out together.

  1. How will this material weather in the local climate? Some materials have to be protected from moisture, others do not do well with the cold over the winter. Know your materials when you choose furniture.
  2. Can you easily get replacement parts? If so, how do you obtain them? If you need to touch up paint or replace bolts and other components, you will want to make sure it’s an accessible task.
  3. How long is the warranty for the furniture? What does it cover? How do you get it serviced? Some retailers will be able to act as service centers for the brand. Others will require you to contact the factory, which might not be a big issue if it is local or semi-local.
  4. How easy will it be to put it together? Not everyone has the same level of skill when it comes to items with assembly required, so you will want to know.
  5. Will this still be available if I want to add pieces next year or the year after?

Contact Terra Outdoor Living

Before you come in to pick out your new patio furniture, it helps to have some idea what you are looking for, so feel free to check online stock to help you work through your questions, and make sure you contact a store near you if you need any more information.

Protect Your Furniture From Rainy, Damp Winters

While the state of California rarely experiences the same frigid and snowy conditions as other parts of the country do during winter, we still see our fair share of rain and soggy soil. It is easy to forget about alfresco tables, chairs, and loungers in the colder months when not in use, but it is important to winter-proof outdoor patio furniture for longevity. Here are some of the simplest things you can do to keep patio furnishings safe from moisture and chilly temperatures this season.

Invest in Furniture Covers

If, like most of us, you do not have the space to drag outdoor furniture inside for the winter, high-quality patio furniture covers are your next best option! These shields not only protect from rain and damp conditions, but also prevent fading from UV radiation when the sun is shining. Patio covers have come a long way from their earlier, shapeless days. In 2017, you can find covers perfectly fitted to all kinds of furniture and accessories, including:

  • Chaise loungers
  • Loveseats
  • Rectangular tables
  • Round tables
  • Sectionals
  • Sofas
  • Umbrellas

Simply choose the covers you need for your collection and throw them on, rain or shine, to make your outdoor furniture last.

Store Extras in Blanket Boxes

Smaller, miscellaneous items are easily stored in blanket boxes during inclement weather. Available in durable teak and wicker options, these stylish storage units accommodate pillows, throws, blankets, and anything else you want to stow for the winter. You can also use them to organize outdoor plating, silverware, glassware, and décor when not in use.

Buy Water-Resistant Materials

One of the best things you can do to keep patio furniture safe from the elements is to invest in moisture-wicking materials up front. Premium teak and all-weather wicker are two of the best candidates for the job, as their natural properties make them highly resistant to water and moisture.

These are just some of the easiest ways to protect outdoor furnishing from winter weather.

Our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We take deep pride in the quality and beauty of our products, which is why we want you to love your new patio furniture. Whether you purchased a full collection of teak sofas, dining tables, and loungers or simply a functional umbrella or cushion set, we want you to be totally satisfied with your addition. If you do, please share it with us on social media! If you don’t, don’t worry. You can return any product to us within 30 days at no cost.

Your Satisfaction or a Full Refund

Your dissatisfaction is unacceptable, which is why we will give you a full refund for any product that falls below your quality standards with our money back guarantee. Simply return the item or items to us within 30 days of purchase for total reimbursement, no questions asked. If you bought your furniture at one of our patio furniture stores, feel free to bring it back to the original location. If you purchased online, follow the instructions included in your receipt or call our customer service center for assistance with returns.

Our Commitment to Quality

Whether we are protecting the environment with our forest conservation and green practices or curating long-lasting patio furniture, we do it with an emphasis on quality. Our designers also believe in passing that quality onto you, the customer, in the form of a stunning, durable, and conscientious product. We mean it with our money back guarantee.

A Stress-Free Shopping Experience

Now that you know about our refund policy, you can get back to the fun part: shopping for your backyard oasis. Feel free to peruse our wide selection of patio furniture, accessories, and décor without fear of getting stuck with something you don’t like. Our product experts and stylists are standing by to answer questions and help you create the outdoor living space of your dreams.

Stay Warm All Winter With an Elegant Fire Table

Entertaining outdoors is one of life’s great pleasures. Gathering together with friends and loved ones, sharing a glass of wine after a fine meal, and catching up as the stars come out may be some of the finest moments in memory. The right heating element from can prolong the enjoyment and stave off the chill, but no one likes hauling out a large space heater or fussing with large radiators. The convenience and comfort offered by a chic fire table from Terra Outdoor Living is the perfect complement for your patio seating area.

The Perfect Solution for Small Spaces

While traditional metal fire pits are always a happy addition to an outdoor space, many people are disappointed to learn that their existing patio is actually much too small for one of these large features. Not only do fire pits take up a lot of space, they require a lot of clearance on every side in order to be safe.

Fire tables operate in a very similar way to large fire pits while being ideal for small spaces. Designed to safely contain the heat and radiate just the perfect amount of warmth, a fire table can be a much safer option for small outdoor entertaining spaces.

Design Solutions You Will Love

Fire tables come in a surprising variety of styles and offer something different that will certainly excite your guests. Look for features such as:

  • Square or circular shape
  • Fluted European styling
  • Streamlined modern style
  • Coffee table-height perfect for holding beverages or snacks
  • Standard height to facilitate conversation
  • Surface area designed especially for fireside dining

You will find a range of appealing styles that are sure to perfectly suit whatever type of patio furniture you have. Whether you prefer the modern comfort of stainless steel or the traditional appeal of gorgeous teak, fire tables will fit right in.

Fire tables will make an elegant and comfortable addition to any patio or outdoor dining area. Treat your guests to a truly memorable experience with these lovely pieces of furniture.

5 Signs You Should Invest in Quality Patio Furniture

Having a well-designed outdoor space can add greatly to your home’s feeling and appeal. A large part using the space to its full potential is choosing the perfect set of outdoor patio furniture. If your outdoor furniture is older, you may want to examine your existing set for the following signs that it may be time to invest in more dependable, quality patio furniture.

1. Your Existing Set Is Older Than You

There are some serious advantages to keeping and using antiques. However, just because an item is old does not make it an antique, valuable, or even desirable to keep in your home. Chances are, if an outdoor furniture set is older than you are, it is in desperate need of replacement with quality, long-lasting pieces.

2. Your Set Clashes With Your Personality

Styles, likes and dislikes, and personalities can all morph into something new, leaving you feeling disconnected from your old decorating schemes. If your furniture no longer works with your personality, invest in a new set of quality furniture to get something that better suits you.

3. Your House Has Evolved

Just as your personality evolves, so does your home’s style. In many cases, people switch out or move items around their homes to create new designs and increase efficiency. This can leave your outdoor space feeling disconnected from the rest of the home. A new teak furniture set could be the perfect solution.

4. You’ve Entered a New Stage of Life

Growing up may be hard to do, but it can also be incredibly fun. If you have moved out of the college roommate stage and into the responsible adult stage, it may be time for your furniture to follow suit.

5. Your Furniture Is Dying

Peeling, crumbling and rotten outdoor patio furniture does not make for a good design. If your patio furniture is dying a slow and horrible death, put it out of its misery and find a new, quality set.

There are many reasons you may be in need of a new set of patio furniture. Don’t ignore the obvious signs and your home may be enhanced through the use of a great outdoor space.

Getting Your Patio Ready for Fall

As the weather changes and autumn comes around, your patio entertainment needs are bound to shift a little bit. That doesn’t mean it’s time to move things inside, though. With a little seasonal turnover, making your patio into a festive fall space full of activities is easy.

Know Your Fall Patio Accessories

Remembering to change over seat cushions on your patio furniture sets to autumn colors is the easy part, but it’s also just the beginning. In addition to the color change, consider adding a few accessories that give you fall-themed activities when you are relaxing outside that includes:

  • Fire pits
  • Fall cookout accessories for roasting marshmallows and making s’mores
  • All-weather covers for your grill and patio set
  • Thematic decorations for fall colors and holidays

That last item is especially important, because the right all-weather protection insures your investment is protected.

Upgrading Your Patio

Fall is a great time to add seating or re-order your patio as you redecorate, so take advantage of the opportunity to freshen up your look. This is also a great time to look ahead at any fall activities you are planning for friends and family, to make sure you have all the activities and seating you need. Adding a few extra chairs around the fire pit is an easy way to make sure you are prepared for all your guests, and the right chair selections will also stack out of the way easily when you don’t need them.

Terra Outdoor Living’s outdoor furniture stores have a wide selection of fall accessories to decorate your patio area for the changing seasons. Whether you are looking to rotate patio furniture sets completely, add seating, or just to update your look with a few new items, it’s easy to preview and brainstorm by looking at the new arrivals in our online store before heading in or placing an order.